01/02/2020 | Stranger Things Protectors - now shipping

Stranger Things (Pro) Protectors
Playfield Protector
Plastic Protectors
Colored Plastic Set - Small Set (Slingshot Plastiks and Laneguides)
Stranger Things (Premium) Protectors
Playfield Protector
Plastic Protectors
Colored Plastic Set - Small Set (Slingshot Plastiks and Laneguides)
Stranger Things (Limited Edition) Protectors
Playfield Protector
Plastic Protectors
Colored Plastic Set - Small Set (Slingshot Plastiks and Laneguides)

11/28/2019 | New products available...

We added quite some stuff for Jurassic, Elvira, Willy Wonka etc. in the last weeks and we are happy to announce some more playfield protectors which will be available soon!

The Big Lebowski
Alice Coopers Nightmare Castle
Rescue 911
Gold Wings

Please check our updated Colored Plastic Sets portfolio...
now more than 170 Sets available with an updated very attractive pricing!

We have different sets - depending on the machine
Small Sets (you can choose your color)
Larger Sets (colors are predefined)
Full Sets (colors are predefined)
Special Sets (like for Elvira... two plastics for the house plus two plastics for the hellhounds over the slingshots)

Also please check out our Colored Plastics - especially our Speaker Grills and Rings - they look great!

11/18/2019 | Jurassic Park Colored Plastic Sets now available

Jurassic Park (Pro)
Jurassic Park (Premium)
Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

10/27/2019 | Elvira’s House of Horrors Protectors are shipping

Elvira’s House of Horrors (Premium)
Elvira’s House of Horrors (Limited Edition)
Elvira’s House of Horrors (Signature Edition)

09/18/2019 | Jurassic Park (Premium/LE) Protectors are shipping

Jurassic Park (Premium)
Jurassic Park (Limited Edition)

08/23/2019 | Jurassic Park (Pro) Protectors are shipping

Jurassic Park (Pro) playfield protectors are ready to ship
Also available our plastic protectors...
... as well as a complete set of protectors!

05/26/2019 | Black Knight : Sword of Rage - Willy Wonka - Oktoberfest

We are happy to annouce that the following playfield protectors are now available and ready to ship!
Please check also for availabilty of of other products like plastic protector, speaker grills, etc. If available they are listed in the similar products section.

Black Knight Sword of Rage (Pro)
Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium)
Black Knight Sword of Rage (Limited Edition)


04/18/2018 | NEW Procuct Categories | Colored Plastics and Colored Plastic Sets

We are happy to introduce our new product categories Colored Plastics and Colored Plastic Sets

All Colored Plastics are made of lasercut 3mm Plexiglas. On rare occassions you might need a slightly longer screw. Each pinball machine has an individually aranged set of colors which fits best with the given plastics.

At this time available:


Please check our thread on pinside to get some real life impressions:

04/16/2018 | Iron Maiden Protectors - Pro now shipping

We are directly importing the upcoming pinball machines in order to deliver our protectors as close to the release date as possible.

Iron Maiden (Pro) playfield protectors... now shipping

Iron Maiden (Premium) playfield protectors is expected to start shipping May 2018.

Iron Maiden (Limited) playfield protectors is expected to start shipping May 2018.

NEW Next Generation Playfield Protector

50 % reduction of thickness – now only 0.5mm (0.02‘‘)

We started in 2012 with our first generation playfield protector, which maybe some of you already know from ebay or other online shops. In the meantime we developed playfield protectors for more than 200 pinball machines, plastic protectors for more than 100 pinball machines, clear plastic sets for more than 60 pinball machines and other useful stuff.

Now it is time to move one step forward.

The Next Generation Playfield Protector is made of Vivak (PET-G), which allows us to reduce thickness and improve the edges by using CNC lasers instead of CNC molding cutters. The new surface is now even more transparent while still being glossy.

Our playfield protectors are precut protectors, which fit individually to each pinball machine type.

Forget about mylar, which offers just a partial protection and can be very, very hard to be removed without damaging your precious playfield.

Forget about clearcoating – clearcoating is, if correctly done, a long term project. Your pinball machine is out of service for several months. You have to level your inserts and still there can be air between the insert and the clearcoat which can result in unwanted „intransparent“ areas. And clearcoating is no protection to avoid dimples!

Depending on the particular pinball machine, a protector can be installed within a few hours including cleaning, which should be done in parallel. The playfield needs to be partially stripped down, so that the protector can be easily placed on the playfield.

All playfield protectors are shipped flat packaged.

P.S. it is highly recommended to also replace rubbers and all balls to have the best long term results…